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Main Adventures

Cycling to the World Cup (1981/1982) – He departed from Rio de Janeiro, crossed South America, flew to England and cycled through Europe until he reached Spain. Minutes before the arrival of the players for the 1982 World Cup, he arrived in front of the Brazilian Team concentration. This fact drew attention of journalists worldwide, causing him to gain notoriety in Brazil. After this episode he was nicknamed Pedal Joe (Zé do Pedal).

Around the World on a bicycle (1983/1986) - As soon as Joe returned from Spain, he decided to travel around the world on a bicycle. On this trip, he announced a campaign to Fight Cancer in the 54 countries he had been. The end of the adventure took place in Mexico, during the Fifa World Cup of 1986.

Japan on a velocipede (1985) - During the Around the World trip, he decided to cross Japan in a velocipede to call media attention to the plight of children in Ethiopia.

From Chuí to Brasília on a velocipede (1987) - After seeing the world, Joe decided to travel around Brazil. He traveled through Brazil on a velocipede again to ask for politicians’ help towards the Brazilian northeast children.

South America on a motorcycle (1996) - On a motorcycle he traveled through 8 countries in South America: Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia. Cycling the Old Chico (2002) - After 12 years living in Ecuador, he returned to Brazil and returned to life as an adventurer. He traveled throughout the San Francisco River, in a kind of pedal boat from Três Marias (MG) to Aracaju (SE). On this trip he tried to draw national attention to the pollution of San Francisco River.

From Liberty to Christ (2004/2005) – Leaving the Statue of Liberty in New York, Joe was supposed to arrive in Rio de Janeiro, crossing the American coastline in a pedal boat. In this adventure he wanted to alert the international community for the water pollution in the world. However, in the city of Dzilam de Bravo, Mexico, 18 months after his departure, his boat suffered a big damage caused by Hurricane Rita, which prevented Joe from continuing his trip. He rode about 10,000 kilometers of the 23,000 initially planned.

Pedal Joe 50 years (2007) - In celebration of his 50 years Joe built a pedal boat made of plastic bottles, a bicycle frame found in a garbage dump and some steel bars. With this boat he crossed Guanabara Bay in Rio de Janeiro, to draw attention to water pollution and the importance of the Kyoto Protocol.

Extreme World (2008/2010) – In a pedal go-kart, Joe travels from France to South Africa. In this 17,000 kilometers adventure, he discloses an international campaign to combat glaucoma and cataract in poor countries.

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