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SÉRGIO BLOCH - Executive Producer
Filmmaker, screenplayer and producer. He started his career in 1983 as a cameraman and debuted as filmmaker with the award-winning film Burro Sem Rabo in 1995. Since then, he has received numerous awards, participating in various exhibitions and festivals nationally and internationally.

Main productions: BURRO SEM RABO: First place at Riofilme Screenplay Contest, with 12 festivals (6 internationals) e 9 awards / OLHO DA RUA: 5 festivals (3 internationals) / MINI CINE TUPY: First place at Petrobrás Digital Media Short Films Competition, 10 festivals (3 internationals), 10 awards and screening on TV in France and Japan / TUDO SOBRE RODAS: 4 festivals (1 international) e 2 awards / AMAZÔNIA, HISTÓRIAS DA NOSSA HISTÓRIA: Screening on Futura Channel, Globo Channel and Globo International Channel / SOBRE RODAS BRASIL: Independent Television Service (ITVS) fund Award, screened on DOC Channel in USA.

In prodution: NA BOCA DO POVO: Documentary Film (First place at Riofilme Screenplay Contest) / MULHER FEMININO PLURAL: TV Serie / SOBRE RUEDAS LATIN AMERICA: Documentary Film.


BRUNO LIMA - Director/Producer
Bruno Lima has a degree in Journalism from the Federal University of Viçosa, in Brazil. Since 2005, he has worked as assistant producer of various short films. In 2008, he directed his first documentary entitled The Fabulous Destiny of Anisio Tweet Tweet. This film was screened at many film festivals and selected to Rotterdam Independent Film Festival, in Holand. He is currently working as editor in a company that produces educative videos. Parallel, he develops his projects for cinema.

FABRICIO MENICUCCI - Director/Producer
Fabricio Menicucci has a degree in Journalism from the Federal University of Viçosa. He is theater director and producer since 1998. He joined the audiovisual universe in 2004, when he produced and directed the short film Accumulated, which was screened in several Brazilian film festivals. Since then, he has worked as researcher and producer on documentary films. He is currently working as assistant director of filmmaker Sergio Bloch and works with production and research in the production company Abbas Filmes.

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