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Pedal Joe - Documentary - 26 minutes

The Brazilian environmentalist and cyclist José Geraldo de Souza Castro has been going around the world for 30 years in fantastic adventures. He is currently crossing the African continent on a pedal go-kart. He started this trip in Paris, on May 10th, 2008, and intends to finish it in Johannesburg, South Africa, at the opening ceremony of the Football World Cup.

Best known as Pedal Joe (Zé do Pedal in Portuguese), his first adventure took place in 1981, when he travelled from Rio de Janeiro to Spain on a bicycle to see the Football World Cup of 1982. After this, Joe did a World Tour on a bicycle, crossed Japan and part of Brazil on a velocipede, sailed through the large São Francisco River and travelled through the Atlantic Ocean on a pedal boat. During his trips he withstood rainstorms, earthquakes, hurricanes and two civil wars. All in all, he visited 66 countries and pedalled about 150,000 kilometers.

Pedal Joe is a humanitarian adventurer who is always concerned with drawing attention of the international community to environmental and social causes. In this trip through Africa, he intends to give visibility to a world-wide project which offers ophthalmologic help to poor countries.

Despite of his originality, Joe has few registers of his trips. Most part of his material, especially the video files, were burned in a house fire. These missing registers are an obstacle for his recognition among the greatest adventurers of the world. Furthermore, he hasn’t received any substantive sponsorship. All of his adventures were supported by local sponsors, in addition to a great courage to face the road without money.

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